This Is Our Story

We began as child foster parents in 1999, providing proctor care for many fulfilling years. Along with raising our three foster children, we also raised four of our own. As our foster children began to age out of the system, we transitioned into Adult Foster Care for 4 more additional years in order to support three of the individuals that are still with us today!

A few years later, our oldest biological son moved out of our family home to head to college. It was during this transition that one of the young adults we served in our home posed the question, "When do we get to move out?" I never would have imagined that our son's progression into young adulthood would inspire the individuals in our care to strive for the same. This heartwarming moment lead to our decision to develop an agency based on the positive supports we've always provided, in order to encourage the individuals we have watched grow, continue to mature in an environment that is tailored to their specific needs.

In November of 2015, Around The Clock Support Services was established as a 24-hour residential treatment facility, aimed at providing supports to adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

20+ years later we are still providing services and have expanded 6+ programs and 18+ individuals a place they can call home, and have provided 60+ employee jobs.

Our Mission

Around The Clock Support Services, LLC provides continuous care and services to individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities in a home environment designed to enhance an individual’s quality of life.

Our mission is to develop cooperative relationships between the provider, the client, staff employees, guardians, and services coordinators to encourage and promote the client's independence, dignity, choice, and decision-making, that enables the client to function at the highest level of independence possible.